E-participation Policy

E-participation “Social Media” policy


Emirates Post Group launched its official accounts on various social networking channels, in the context of ensuring the use of different media, including social media to keep the members of the community aware of the various activities and services. This is in line with the vision of the Group to reach the maximum degrees of success.

This document provides a guide on how to use social networking tools in a safe, responsible and effective manner, in order to communicate with the dealers and users of the means of social communication and cooperate with them in the design and implementation of government programs and services, in the context of the widespread use of social networking tools at various levels. 

This document is intended to clarify the relationship and communication policy to enhance the mutual benefit of these tools, as well as to maintain the reputation of the Group, answering the questions raised by the followers in a professional and prompt manner according to the guidelines and policies for the use of social networking tools described in this document.



  • The Corporate Communication Department at Emirates Post Group shall assume the task of managing and monitoring social networking tools for the Group. It will also be responsible for explaining this document to others, and monitor compliance therewith and deal with all topics related to Emirates Post Group through the social networking tools.
  • The Corporate Communication Department shall create a clear communication methodology with the relevant departments of the Group which are responsible for the services offered to customers.
  • The Corporate Communication Department shall provide the indicators and periodic reports required to measure the performance of the social media pages of the Group, in order to monitor performance and identify the impact of these pages on the Group's reputation and improve its image among investors and followers



Content Management

The Department of Government Communication is responsible for publishing and managing the contents of Emirates Post Group pages on social networking sites as follows:

  • Publish the Group’s news, events and services in a simple and direct manner.
  • Publishing method shall be spontaneous and informal.
  • Publishing of the news and direct interaction with customers and followers shall be done between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM all days of the week, except on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Interaction with followers or publishing news releases shall be performed outside the official working hours, if required.
  • The Group through its pages shall raise a number of questions to the customers, regarding the services offered by the Group, as well as periodical public opinion surveys.
  • The Group shall respond to queries raised by the customers through social networking sites.
  • The Group shall organize competitions that focus on awareness of the Group’s role or general topics related to cultural information as to enhance strategic values of the Group on dissemination of knowledge.
  • The Group constantly seeks to identify the needs of customers and is developing its services in accordance with the information collected by these channels.
  • The Group attaches importance to the analysis and assessment of the extent of customers and followers response through the social networking channels.



Managing Accounts

Content that is published by the Group through social networking sites represents the official view of the Group.

Accordingly, the standards of social accounts management are as follows:

  • Selection of a dedicated team to communicate and interact with customers and answer their questions.
  • A responsible person shall manage the official accounts and approve the content before publishing.
  • Emirates Post Group welcomes comments of followers and their participation through its pages on social networking sites.
  • Emirates Post Group has the right to delete any materials that could pose a threat to national or individual security, or constitutes a violation of the privacy of others, or abuse them, or any comments that might contain infringements of personal nature, or include inappropriate language.
  • Those in charge of the pages of Emirates Post Group may delete or exclude participants who do not abide by these controls.
  • The team responsible for social media channels shall deal confidentially with the personal information and registration application numbers.
  • The followers cannot publish their data on the public page of the Group, and shall be directed to use the special communication channels, and those who fail to adhere to these instructions will do so at their own risk.
  •  Emirates Post Group shall deal with the incoming comments and questions in all languages.


Attitude of the team responsible for the social networking pages

The team responsible for the management of Emirates Post Group’s social networking pages shall observe the following:

  • Principles of professional conduct and ethics in public offices of the federal authorities, "published in July 2010
  • Law of Human Resources of the United Arab Emirates (Federal Law Decree No. 11 of 2008).
  • To act in a manner that preserves the reputation of the government in general and the Emirates Post Group in particular.
  • The team responsible for the pages of Emirates Post Group cannot publish its official contact information for correspondence purposes. Such information includes e-mail, phone number and mail box number.
  • The team in charge of management and follow up on social networking pages of Emirates Post Group shall ensure that its own behavior will not damage the reputation of the Group.
  • The team responsible for the pages of Emirates Post Group shall depend on a unified postal address or a special communication channel represents the Group upon requesting information or private data of the customer who seeks to communicate directly with the staff of the Group.
  • The customer service team at Emirates Post Group shall take a part of the responsibility for responding to complaints of the customers that need support differently in cases that require direct contact with the customer.
  • Communication with customers and followers through social networking channels shall be interactive not authoritarian. Also it is a managed communication and not random or general, as it is the case when communicating using the traditional publishing methods. This will allow the Group to broadcast the right message to the followers in a quick and direct manner.

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