What is the role of the licensing department?

The Licensing department in Emirates Post Group is the main facilitator of courier services in UAE. It is responsible for issuing Licenses for all courier service companies in the field of:

Transportation of documents
Transportation of mail letters
Transportation of different types of packages


What is the fee to obtain a postal license?

Minimum of AED 100,000/-


What are the requirements to apply for new courier license?

Application form
Declaration and pledge forms
Copy of the owner’s and partner’s passport and Emirates ID Card
Copy of the local family book
Copy of initial approval issued by the Economic Department
Copy of trade name reservation
Copy of memorandum of association
Copy of lease contract
Copy of commercial registration + trade license
New license fees: AED 100,000


What are the documents required to renew the courier license?

Application form
Declaration and pledge forms
Copy of the owner’s and partner’s passport and Emirates ID Card
Copy of local family book
Copy of postal license ( main branch) +branches
Copy of commercial register +trade license
Copy of memorandum of association
Copy of lease contract
Renewal fees: AED 100,000


What is the procedure to open new branches?

Copy of the owner’s and partner’s passport and Emirates ID Card
Copy of initial approval- Economic Department
Copy of lease contract (if any)
Copy of commercial license ( main branch )
Copy of postal license ( main branch)


What is the requirement to cancel the courier license?

Copy of the owner’s and partner’s passport and Emirates ID Card
Copy of commercial license ( main branch )
Copy of postal licensee ( main branch)

Human Resources


Why should I work for EPG?

Joining EPG means joining a global leader in postal services. EPG offers employees first-class training and a variety of career opportunities. Moreover, we provide a challenging and competitive work environment for employees with a desire to succeed and make a difference.

What is the work environment like at EPG?

Ask any EPG professional this question and you will hear variations on the same theme. You'll quickly see that we all work hard in a dynamic and challenging global environment. In any area of our business, you'll find a mix of intelligent, hard-working and well-rounded people. We're friendly, but we like to compete. We're informal, and we respect one another. We are proud that we work for one of the great postal institutions in the world, and we challenge each other and ourselves every day to live up to that.


How do I apply to EPG?

All applicants should use our on-line application process as this helps us communicate with you and also enables us to assess you for other opportunities.


How will I be informed that I have been shortlisted?

Shortlisted candidates will receive an email informing regarding selection and updates. Meanwhile details can be checked online.


Is there an ideal candidate for a job at EPG?

Our employees are smart, hardworking and engaging. We look for candidates who possess self-confidence and are willing and able to accept real challenges. We need bright, capable individuals who think and plan with intensity; respond and execute quickly; and deploy and develop their skills in flexible, globally oriented teams.


What are my chances of finding employment?

All candidates are considered carefully based on their previous experience and qualifications to ensure that the right individual is placed in a suitable position


Do I need to include my passport copy, certificates and other relevant documents when registering online?

No, not required. Complete the on-line application form and attach the CV in Word Format. If you are called for an interview, please bring the relevant supporting original documents and copies with you.


If I applied for a position but do not get called for an interview, will I be contacted?

If you apply for a particular position and it happened to suit the profile, you will be contacted. If not, your CV is saved in the database and will be evaluated for other opportunities.


 What can you tell me about EPG interview process?

EPG’s interview process is designed to identify potential skills. Our interview is very much a discussion about your accomplishments, goals, and interests. The campus interview is 30-45 minutes long and willreview your education and work history (if any). It is designed to focus on you. After the initial on-campus screening, the interviewer, along with the hiring business, will determine whether candidates will be invited to a second round of interviews at the group.


How do you go about selecting people?

By attending a series of interviews and/or assessment tests. These will be conducted by a mix of recruitment specialists and trained managers from the business area to which you are applying.



How do you assess if I am suitable?

Besides the initial assessment of your CV including your experience and qualifications, when we meet you, we assess your technical and behavioral (personal and interpersonal) competencies required to perform well in the position.


 When could I expect a response after the interview?

You will be given a feedback within 2-3 weeks of you attending an interview/assessment. As the selected candidate will be given a phone call while others will receive regret letter.


Where do I find the Job Key responsibilities?

The Job Key responsibilities are found in the Job description which is attached to the Job Advertisement on our career portal.


When can/should I resign from my company if EPG is interested in me?

We recommend you resign only after you signed your offer and contract, once you have completed all your Pre-employment conditions (Police Clearence and Medical reports) with us and we will inform you once it’s completed.


Do you retain CVs of candidates who applied once in your Database, in case they may be suitable for other vacancy?

Yes, we hold a person’s details in our database. Occasionally if a similar vacancy occurs soon after the original application we may contact the person to see if he/ she is interested.




How is pre-qualification and registration done?

The supplier’s documents will be reviewed, the attached documents will be evaluated and the supplier will be classified as per the type of activity.


What are the documents required for pre-qualification and registration?

Filling the pre-qualification and registration form, and attaching 15 documents according to the type of supplier’s activity.


Does the pre-qualification and registration require payment of fees?

There are no fees for pre-qualification and registration.


How can registration of a company with the Group be confirmed?

The company will be notified through an official letter of the result of pre-qualification and registration. The letter will state whether the registration is approved, and allocate a supplier code for the company; if the registration is rejected it will state the reasons for rejection.


What is the relationship between registration and participation in tenders issued by the Group?

Invitations for participation shall be sent only to the companies registered with the Group.

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