EPG’s Business Reply Service offers unique value addition to direct marketing
22 SEP 2016

EPG’s Business Reply Service offers unique value addition to direct marketing

The Business Reply service has attracted a number of corporate customers from all across the emirate. The service is available at all 118 post offices in the UAE.

When companies want customers to reply without paying any postage they can use this service. Under this service, when companies send mailers to customers they enclose a pre-paid envelop which can be mailed back to the companies with responses from the recipient. However, the maximum weight should not exceed 50 gram per envelope.

"The Business Reply Service is designed to enable companies to collect feedback from potential customers in a cost effective way," said Chief Commercial Officer of EPG, Mr. Ibrahim Bin Karam. "It is a highly beneficial service for corporates as well as cost-effective as they can collect customer responses with very low costs. It is particularly advantageous to SMEs as they don't have big budgets for marketing."

The annual fee for the Business Reply Service is AED 500. In addition, the company pays 50 Fils for each returned local response and AED. 1.25 for international response. The service covers 91 countries worldwide.

There are several advantages for companies using EPG's Business Reply Service. Customers are encouraged to respond because it does not cost them anything. The subscriber company only pays for replies received through P.O. Box.

Companies can apply for the service by filling up a Business Reply Service form at any post office, and submit it along with a trade license copy, passport copy of owner or local sponsor, resident visa copy (for non-GCC partners) and copy of Emirates ID.

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