Lecture on dangers of narcotic drugs
06 NOV 2016

Lecture on dangers of narcotic drugs

Emirates Post Group organized a lecture on the dangers of narcotic drugs and mind-influencing substances to individuals and society in general, with recommendations on how to prevent and combat such instances. The lecture was organized in association with Sharjah Police General Headquarters at Sharjah Central Post Office, attended by Director of 3 rd Postal Zone, Mr. Sultan Sahoo and a number of employees of the zone.

The lecture was delivered by Rashid Ibrahim Al Shehhi from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Sharjah Police, and focused on raising awareness among young people about the dangers of drugs and mind-influencing substances, and the role of the family and the community in preventing youngsters from falling prey to these harmful substances.

At the end, Mr. Sultan Sahoo presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Rashid Ibrahim Al Shehhi for effectively conveying the key messages to the staff on the dangers of drugs. He also commended the role of Sharjah Police General Headquarters in organizing such workshops and awareness lectures.

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