EPG shares EMS success story at UPU Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul
02 NOV 2016

EPG shares EMS success story at UPU Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul

EMS shipments in the UAE grew 49.6 per cent from 2012 to 2015, driven by increased volumes from e-commerce, SMEs, traders and wholesalers, according to the presentation made by an Emirates Post Group (EPG) team that attended the recent UPU Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul.

Addressing the EMS General Assembly at the Congress, Acting Chief Executive Officer of EPG Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Alashram shared EPG's EMS success story, and listed key achievements and outlined future plans, keeping in view the potential for expanding the EMS customer base.

In the detailed presentation, Mr. Alashram and his team revealed that there was an increase in volumes for both incoming and outgoing EMS items, as a result of improved services enabled by multilateral agreements with airlines for quicker delivery timeframes.

Referring to future plans, Mr. Al Ashram said efforts are on to consolidate inbound and outbound processing into a single secure location, dedicating a team of agents for each postal zone, signing contracts with airlines on EMS Transportation standards, launching a combined operational back office app permitting seamless data flow of items from postal to courier operations and introducing 3G/4G electronic and digital services supporting real-time event status updates and enhanced customer track-and-trace visibility.

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