International parcels sent via post grew 21 % growth in 2015
04 FEB 2016

International parcels sent via post grew 21 % growth in 2015

There has been a 21 per cent growth in outgoing international parcels sent through the UAE's postal network in 2015, compared to the previous year, driven by upgraded standards of service and attractive pricing, according to Emirates Post Group (EPG).

All post offices in the UAE offer the facility to send parcels across the globe, under three broad categories with three delivery time options: within 3 to 4 days; 4 to 7 days; and 7 to 14 days.

Chief Commercial Officer of EPG Mr. Ibrahim Bin Karam, commented: "The increase in parcel volumes reflects rising levels of customer satisfaction over our improved product offering in recent months. Our partnerships with leading airlines now enable us to considerably improve the transit times. We are continually fine-tuning and quality controlling the parcel service to meet customer expectations."

"The upgraded parcel and EMS (Express) service spells great value to the large expatriate population of the UAE. Emirates Post's partnerships with postal organisations around the globe ensure a reliable and fast day-definite service. We are pleased to offer our customers a superior service of sending parcels and EMS (Express) shipments from any of our post offices. More importantly, our post offices offer extended timings, as most of them are open from 7 am to 9 pm," Mr. Bin Karam added.

Emirates Post Group has established strategic tie-ups with Emirates and Etihad airlines, thus offering frequent and extensive connectivity to destinations in Europe, United States, Indian Subcontinent, China, the Philippines and GCC countries and across the globe. As a result, transit times for all key markets have been considerably reduced.

Emirates Post has been experiencing rapid increase in parcel and EMS (Express) volumes over the past few years, fuelled by the growing demand from expatriates wishing to send parcels to their home countries and corporates looking for cost-effective delivery solutions for their documents.

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