New Dubai Police logo features on postage stamps
08 JAN 2018

New Dubai Police logo features on postage stamps

The Emirate Post Group has issued commemorative stamps of the new Dubai Police logo which was unveiled last week.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Post Group, Abdullah Mohammed Al Ashram, said that issuing of Dubai Police stamp is but "stamping of the fact that Emirates Post Group is a vehicle of identity and cultural connection across global communities."

The police changed the logo by enhancing some features and changing some others. The tagline "Dubai Police" was removed under the new logo, which the administration said was an indication of their performance internationally.

The waves in the logo which were hitherto shimmering were made still as a "reflection of stability", while the logo will widely be green save for rescue teams where it will remain red.

The Commander of Dubai Police, Maj. Gen. Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, thanked the Emirates Post for their "ever present support."

He said that the police's change of the logo was a reflection of the force's strategies of 2016-2021 intertwined with those of Dubai Emirate and the country of 2021 and 2071 respectively.

Emirates Post Group is one of the several bodies that have come out to market the police's logo and catchwords of: Smart, Secure and Together.

The police are also promoting the message tailored on three key words: "security, innovation and connectivity."

According to General Al Marri, "'Innovation' symbolises our immaculate services, while 'Security' is as per our protection of people and their belongings, and 'Communication' symbolising our reach to the public."

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