Rent or renew your Emirates Post PO Box for a chance to win an iPhone 11
02 FEB 2020

Rent or renew your Emirates Post PO Box for a chance to win an iPhone 11

Emirates Postis encouraging customers to renew their PO Box before 29 February 2020 to avoid additional costs by offering them the chance to win the latest iPhone 11. Individuals who renew their existing PO Box or subscribe for a new one before 29 February 2020 are automatically eligible to enter the electronic draw.

Customers can rent or renew their PO Box at any Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centre, via the website or the EPG Mobile Services app. A representative from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) will be overseeing the draw and announcing the lucky winners during the first week of March.

Commenting on this special announcement, Yousuf Mohd Siddiq Alkhaja, Chief Business Officer - Retail at Emirates Post said, "Emirates Post is thrilled to launch this campaign and encourage individuals to rent or renew their PO Box before the deadline to enjoy the many benefits a personal PO Box offers. We have enhanced the customer experience and journey at our Customer Happiness Centres to ensure people encounter a quick and seamless process while managing their mail and parcels. At Emirates Post, customer happiness is a top priority and we are continuously looking at ways of introducing new services and bringing more value to PO Box customers in the near future."

Havinga PO Box in the UAE has many benefits such as reduced charges, secure mail and convenient access. The yearly cost for having a personal PO Box is more advantageous and cost-efficient for customers who receive mail and parcels on a regular basis. Individuals who have a PO Box only pay 5% VAT on the value of their shipments whereas those who don't have a PO Box pay additional fees for each shipment received, which include the cost for using a Public PO Box, VAT, as well as admin fees. In some cases, custom fees might apply depending on the shipment type and value, which are determined by the customs authority.

Individuals who prefer to keep their home address private can enjoy the security and privacy that a personal PO Box offers and can choose a convenient location by selecting a PO Box at an Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centre or PO Box shelter nearest to one's home or work address.

Customers living in a villa across the UAE can choose the MyHome option and have their postal shipments delivered to their door. They can also opt to keep their existing PO Box number when upgrading to MyHome subscriptions.

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