EPG Call Centre is fully geared to handle customer queries and feedback
15 DEC 2015

EPG Call Centre is fully geared to handle customer queries and feedback

Emirates Post Group, as part of its efforts to raise customer satisfaction, is offering multiple channels of customer interaction, including a fully equipped Call Centre (600 5 99999).

The Call Centre, which employs over 50 agents, handles all queries regarding general postal information, shipments, rates, permitted items, etc, allows callers to select service in Arabic or English. The general queries are answered on the spot by the trained agents, while complaints are fed into the CRM system and routed to the Customer Service Department for further action.

"The EPG Call Centre is the main contact point for customers and the average waiting time is just 1 minute," says Emirates Post CEO Abdullah Alashram. "We have stringent quality control to ensure that all calls attended to quickly and efficiently. We have been consistently raising the bar on the services offered by our call centre, and are in the process of further upgrading the system with the goal of boosting customer satisfaction further."

In addition to the Call Centre, customers can interact with EPG through the website (, mobile apps and customer service email ( The call centre also handles courier inquiries addressed to Empost through its call centre number (***********), which is now linked to the EPG call centre.

"Emirates Post Group is committed to providing multiple interaction options for customers. For example, if a customer wants to check the rate of sending a parcel to United States, he can dial the call centre number or go to the website. If he wants to track a shipment he can do so by giving the agent the airwaybill number or directly going to the website and use the Track and Trace option," said EPG Acting Executive Director of Network Operations & Senior Director Customer Support, Mr. Yousuf Al Khaja.

The ISO 90001:2008 certified Call Centre will soon be upgraded, with more user-friendly IVR options, as EPG continues its efforts to raise customer satisfaction and boost customer interaction. The EPG Call Centre earlier this year won the 'EMS Call Centre of the Year' award from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) for excellence in answering EMS-related queries.

"In every organization, the call centre represents the pulse of the customer. Keeping the callers happy and satisfied is the motto of every organization. The EPG Call Centre has set very high standards for itself and follows a stringent system of monitoring of calls answered by the agents, with performance rating for each agent. On a daily basis, the target set for the Call Centre team is to respond to 80 per cent of calls within 30 seconds," added Al Khaja.

The Call Centre is equipped to handle caller inquiries in Arabic, English, Tagalog, Malayalam, Tulu, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, Iranian, Russian and Hindi. The staff members are regularly sent for refresher training to ensure that they are fully knowledgeable about the products, services and policies of EPG. Newcomers are put through intensive training programs.

The training not only covers product knowledge, but also covers techniques of handling irate customers. They are taught to be polite and courteous every customer. Unpleasant callers are forwarded to a senior agent.

The Call Centre is also backed by a six-member Postal Inquiry section that supervises the responses to complaints on EMS, parcels and registered mail.

Emirates Post Group is now in advanced stages of setting up a new and more advanced Call Centre with 100 seats. The new centre will integrate calls, emails and web chats and forward them directly to the concerned section.

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