Workshop discusses future EPG strategic plan scenarios for 2017-21
12 MAY 2016

Workshop discusses future EPG strategic plan scenarios for 2017-21

Emirates Post Group recently organized a workshop entitled 'Planning scenarios for 2017-2021', which was attended by various leaders of the Group and its subsidiaries. The workshop reviewed the key drivers in today's world and the direction of the Group over the next five years, from social, technological, economic and environmental perspectives.

The team carefully reviewed and analyzed local and international changes in a practical way and identified scenarios for developing future strategies, as well as the measures to be taken to tackle each scenario, which would contribute to realising the vision of the UAE government and of the Group.

Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Post, Mr. Abdullah Al Ashram, said: "We are keen to work as a team and listen to different points of view. We will then integrate the learnings into an ambitious plan that will take into account future challenges, to ensure that Emirates Post Group remains at the forefront in providing services in support of the UAE vision to become to be one of the best countries in the world by 2021."

"We meticulously studied the international scenario, especially the growth of global e-commerce and the great opportunities and challenges it presents. We also analyzed the current situation of the Group and our aspirations for the future and how our capabilities can help us tackle future challenges with a focus on technology, in order to boost the economic growth of the UAE as a global hub for business and trade," Al Ashram added.

Chief Commercial Officer of EPG Mr. Ibrahim Bin Karam added: "We believe strategic planning is very critical for charting the direction of an organization. This workshop will enable us to fine-tune our growth strategy in line with the changing customer requirements and today's evolving business scenario. It will also help us raise customer satisfaction to highest levels."

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