Emirates Post Group hosts staff Iftar party
29 JUN 2016

Emirates Post Group hosts staff Iftar party

Emirates Post Group hosted a staff Iftar party at Dubai World Trade Centre, attended by a large number of employees and their families to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan.

The event was attended by Acting Chief Executive Officer of EPG Mr. Abdullah Al Ashram and other CEOs of the Group, and celebrated the Ramadan spirit of sharing and unity among employees.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Abdullah Al Ashram highlighted the significance of Ramadan, which reflects harmonious relations between employees, away from the daily work routine, in a cordial family atmosphere.

He said EPG is keen to organize such social gatherings outside the place of work, because such activities promote social harmony and solidarity among the staff and management officials.

Chief Commercial Officer of Emirates Post Group Mr. Ibrahim Bin Karam expressed his thanks to all employees and their families for attending the event and added that it was a true celebration of brotherhood and unity that is at the core of the holy month of Ramadan.

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