Emirates Post Group steps up services to diplomatic missions
31 JUL 2016

Emirates Post Group steps up services to diplomatic missions

Emirates Post Group has stepped up its push into diplomatic missions through advanced customized services to foreign embassies and consulates.

Building on its reputation as a reliable provider of efficient and confidential services, EPG now handles the collection and delivery of processed documents from many consulates to customers. Depending on the type of agreement signed, EPG devotes dedicated teams to individual consulates and in some cases an employee or a team is 'implanted' on the consulate premises for streamlined functioning.

Currently EPG provides services to the embassies/consulates of the United States, Syria, Philippines and Afghanistan.

"Backed by several years of handling confidential documents, EPG has gained a strong reputation in this field. The number of foreign embassies and consulates we service has been rising in recent months," said Mr. Ibrahim Bin Karam, Chief Commercial Officer, EPG.

"Diplomatic missions have a high level of trust in EPG because of our accumulated experience that ensures consistent levels of quality service," adds Mr. Bin Karam. "As a federal organization, EPG offers highest levels of confidentiality and security, which are key factors any diplomatic mission takes into account while awarding mailroom contracts. We are delighted that we are living up to their expectations."

Handling the complex mailroom requirements of diplomatic missions involves intricate logistics and meticulous planning. EPG has an edge over its competitors in this field because of its huge postal network, proven expertise and integrated courier services.

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