Emirates Post Group appoints Chief Happiness & Positivity Officer
20 MAY 2017

Emirates Post Group appoints Chief Happiness & Positivity Officer

Acting CEO of Emirates Post Group Mr. Abdullah Alashram has issued a decree appointing Mr. Yousuf Alkhaja as Chief Happiness and Positivity Officer, in addition to his current position as Acting Executive Director of Network Operations.
In his new role, Mr. Alkhaja will seek to spread the awareness and knowledge of happiness and positivity as a way of life across the organisation, in line with the vision, mission and goals of the National Happiness and Positivity Program, which aims to make happiness and positivity a core value, a government commitment and a spirit uniting the UAE community, in order to realize the goals that every human seeks: happiness for himself, family & community.

The initiatives focus on the importance of healthy food and how it boosts happiness, the importance of exercise, gratitude & showing kindness and helping others. In this regard, the recent activities included a marketing campaign entitled 'We Deliver Happiness'; launch of a training program 'I Deliver Happiness'; an awareness campaign entitled 'My food is my secret of happiness'; 'We Read to be Happy' initiative and 'Happiness Gallery' event.

"We are very proud of our team. We salute our leadership for extending full support to all initiatives and activities that promote positive and happy working environment. We will continue our efforts to implement newer initiatives to boost the happiness of our employees and customers," he added.

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